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PROTAGONISTS The Invisible Pavilion of Kazakhstan
Dates: 01 May 2015 – 10 May 2015

Protagonists. The Invisible Pavilion of Kazakhstan

IADA at the 56th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia (may 1 to may 5, 2015)
As part of the 56th Venice Biennale of Arts (May 9 - November 22, 2015), IADA is organizing an informal Pavilion in an artist’s studio format. Upstream from the Biennale, seven kazakh artists’ works on the theme of the Protagonists will be conceived. They will be presented during the professional days of the Biennale, an opportunity to check the vitality of the Kazakh art scene, whose pieces have already been exhibited during the 55th International Biennale of Arts for the One Step/pe Forward  Project
Protagonists – in other words actors, engaged individuals, activists, characters. The general theme of the Biennale, All the World’s Futures, intends to examine a hypothetical future.
The artists of the Kazakh Invisible Pavilion also have the future in their sights. Summoning the present, occidental and non-occidental, local and global as well, in the perspective of the artist’s necessary implication in the very heart of the real world, yes. Opening new creative paths, taking a look into the future of art and its potential destinations, yes once again. In this match, aesthetic and ethics, representation and activation, presence and transcendence play the game of dialogue, of conflict, of the controversial and productive encounter and of the open-mindness to the time ahead.
More generally, the future is at the heart of the IADA project for Kazakstan, with the opening of a permanent pavilion in Venice in 2017.
Artists representing the Invisible Pavilion of Kazakstan : Askhat Akhmediyarov, Kamilla Gabdullina, Syrlybek Bekbotayev, Aza Shade, Ada Yu, Assel Kadyrkhanova, Alpamys Batyrov.
This creative workshop is led by Sarah Trouche, artist, and Paul Ardenne, art historian and curator.

The Invisible Studio session will be followed by a presentation dayon  the work created during this Venetian workshop. This presentation will be accompanied by discussions and debates about the contemporary kazakh scene, with the participation of various speakers.


Talks programme  In collaboration with My Art Guides Venice Meeting Point Venice, Navy Officer’s Club - Arsenale

5th of May
From 2 pm to 5pm

The public talks day will be the final layer of the workshops held by Sarah Trouche and Paul Ardenne on the them of Protagonistes. Invisible Pavilion of Kazakhstan. The main goal of these talks is to attract the attention of the
importance of dialogue on the future of the art scene of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which doesn’t have a Pavillion this year.

The workshops programme held by Sarah Trouche and Paul Ardenne will also show their work in progress at the them of Protagonistes. The Invisible Pavillion.